Expert Services from our Healthcare Research Group

  • Survey Research
    We administer hundreds of surveys sent to millions of people annually, using mail, phone, and internet surveys to ask members about health plans; patients about their doctors, medical practices, and health outcomes; and physicians about hospitals and health insurers. CSS holds seven CAHPS survey certifications.

  • Reporting
    CSS delivers targeted, actionable reports and deliverables that meet the goals of the project with comprehensive reports, fully annotated data files, or through online portals that give users quick, targeted access to results.

  • Data Analysis
    CSS analyzes large, complex sets of clinical, claims, and survey data. Our analyses include scoring, weighting, case-mix adjustment, key driver analysis, opportunity analysis (quadrant maps), comparison to internal and external benchmarks, and calculation of data reliability.

  • Cost Modeling
    CSS works with government and private Health Insurance Exchanges to develop actuarial cost models that allow consumers, navigators, and exchange leaders to compare premiums and estimates of out-of-pocket costs across plans.

  • Public Quality Reporting Systems
    CSS has worked with Federal agencies, Health Insurance Exchanges, and coalitions of community organizations to design and implement public quality reporting systems that enable consumers to make meaningful comparisons of the quality of doctors or health plans.

  • Consumer Tools
    CSS offers direct-to-consumer tools, including health plan comparison tools and provider directories offered on insurance exchanges. CSS also offers consumer publications which carry no advertising and offer evaluations of service firms in their local markets.