Research Organizations

CSS works with leading research organizations on large-scale, complex research projects. Whether they are national or state-wide, survey projects typically includes hundreds of thousands of sample members who are surveyed in the mail, on the phone, and online. We process and analyze large sets of complex data to meet a variety of needs.

  • Survey Research. We administer hundreds of surveys sent to millions of sample members annually, surveying members about health plans; patients about their doctors, medical practices, and health outcomes; and physicians about health insurance companies.

  • Data Analysis. CSS analyzes large, complex data sets for clients, including scoring, weighting, case-mix adjustment, statistical modeling and significance testing, key driver analysis, opportunity analysis (quadrant maps), comparison to internal and external benchmarks, and calculation of data reliability. This analysis is performed for a variety of uses, including quality improvement, pay-for-performance, competitive intelligence, and public reporting.

  • Reporting. CSS works closely with clients to deliver targeted, actionable reports that meet the goals of their project. Reports are delivered in hard copy, in electronic files, and through online portals that give our clients control over the information.

  • Expert Panels. CSS has participated in expert panels and advisory councils for the National Advisory Council (the precursor to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality), the Institute of Medicine, the National Quality Forum, and CMS's Physician Compare Technical Expert Panel.

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