CSS News

16 February

Deadline for ICH CAHPS Vendor Authorization is Approaching

Medicare-certified dialysis facilities have until the end of this month to select or change vendors for the 2018 In-Center Hemodialysis CAHPS survey. CSS is an experienced ICH CAHPS vendor offering all of the CMS-approved protocols, as well as cost-effective options for reaching Spanish-speaking patients. Contact CSS to get more information. 
7 December

Using Email and Web for Your CAHPS Surveys

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality recently published a literature review about the administration of CAHPS surveys. One of the topics addressed in the paper is internet-based survey data collection, which is recommended to be used in conjunction with other modes of data collection. CSS has conducted tests of web survey administration, including the use of email invitations, and offers free and low-cost protocol enhancements to many of our standard CAHPS surveys that bring in web surveys and email outreach. Contact us to find out whether one of these may be right for your project. 
20 July

CSS Receives Approval for the ACO CAHPS Survey

CSS received official notice that our approval as an ACO CAHPS vendor continues through the 2017 - 2018 survey administration. CSS has conducted ACO CAHPS survey since 2012, when we fielded the initial national implementation of the ACO CAHPS. Contact us today for a quote, and to find out about our other patient experience survey services. 
5 July

Are you ready for DMHC's Provider Appointment Availability Survey?

CSS serves as a the third-party vendor for several plans fielding the Provider Appointment Availability Survey required to meet California DMHC's timely access reporting requirements. CSS has more than a decade of experience surveying primary care physicians, specialty physicians, and practice managers using a combination of online, mail, phone, and fax methodologies. Contact us to get a quote or to get started with your survey. 
5 June

CSS is Approved for CAHPS for MIPS

CSS’s status as a vendor for the CAHPS for MIPS Survey has been elevated from "conditionally approved" to "approved."

Contact us today at info@cssresearch.org for pricing on the CAHPS for MIPS survey. Volume and multi-year discounts are available.